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About Agriculture

Food and farming systems which nourish the health of the planet & it’s people. We are that reliable friend by each step.

We are a part of the Farm Credit System, a nationwide agricultural works that serves rural area by providing credit and affiliated services to farms and agribusinesses. We stand by our agricultural community.


Tea Farming in Malaw.


Forest & Tree Planting


Forest & Tree Planting

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Our Agritek Sucess Story

Farmers are the backbone of the agricultural industry. We Support farming & save nature. We don’t have another place.
To empower families and their children to appropriate urban agriculture in the community of “LK Koblea rio with great effort
We create Urban gardens with the people and the community while keeping mind the principle of sustainable agriculture
Sustainable agriculture, food security, and the processing and distribution of food packages and non-food products at time.
We started the creating small cooperatives and enterprises managed by the community leaders Followed basic concepts!